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01. E-course : Diploma in Integrated Development (Dip. Int. Dev. )


Edition 02: 16 April, 2010


(Version en Français.)


List of  key words in alphabetical order



The list of key words is a 4.5 megabyte file. It has been split up into four more or less equal sections.


Frequency of listing is not necessarily an indicator of the importance given to the subject in the course. Some basic concepts such as “integrated development” and “self-financing” which underlie the entire work may not appear in the list of key words at all.


Listings of key-words with more than one entry follow their order of appearance in the course. The sequence does not therefore imply ranking of the importance of the references.


Each listing has cross-links to a study block, to a section within a study block, and to an individual study session. Close similarity of a key-word listing with a block, section, or session name may indicate a leading reference. The course often approaches topics from different angles in different sessions. Multiple references may need to be pooled to obtain a full vision of the way a subject is covered in the course material.


The key words list provides rapid initial access to most aspects of self-financing, ecological, sustainable local  integrated development projects for the world’s poor. It is intended to serve as a useful reference tool for development practices world-wide.


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"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them."

Gesell, Silvio, The Natural Economic Order, revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228.


“Poverty is created scarcity”

Wahu Kaara, point 8 of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, 58th annual NGO Conference, United Nations, New York 7th September 2005.



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